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Wine connects our heart to the mind. A lot of people undoubtedly agree with this definition. You may taste wine because you have passion and love towards it. There can also be the case of wine being an everyday drink or just a hobby.

Still, one common thing present in all of those reasons is the joy you get from drinking it. Whatever the reason is, wine opens you up with its sour, but at the same time, sweet taste. It gives the feeling you don’t want to fade away.

Starting from the oldest production facility, Areni-1 winery in Armenia, wine spread out all over the world. Today there are even countries, such as France, Italy, and Georgia that have special passion towards this beverage. Some of them are famous for their red and white wines especially. There are many types of wine, but these two are the most popular around the world.

The main difference between red and white wine is the use of grape skin. The red wine includes grape skin when it’s being fermented, while the white wine doesn’t. Now we will go deeper and explore the further details of each type.

The taste difference

Every wine tastes different, and it also depends on the brand producing it. Each one of them has a special touch, making the beverage unique itself. However, there are some attributes that precisely describe red and white wines, so let’s jump on to that.

When asked, most of the people described the red wine to be pleasantly sour, sweet, and a little bitter. When you drink it, the red wine may turn your tongue a little numb, giving the deep taste of its pureness. It becomes easy to recognize the smell of the dark grape used for making it.

The sweet red wine tastes sweeter, as sugar there is overpowered. However, a small amount of the sour and bitter still exists. This type of wine is specialized for people, who adore sweetness.

The white wine is lighter and has wooded touch. It tastes a little sweeter than the red one and is well-balanced. As soon as the liquid touches your tongue, the latter softens. You start feeling the fruity aroma, which can smell like an apple, pineapple, lemon, or another type of fruits or berries.

Red & White Wine in Cooking

Cooking with wine became really popular lately. Many chefs came up with new recipes that include wine as an original ingredient. In fact, you don’t have to cook expensive dishes to use the beverage.

Wine does fine with ordinary dishes as well. You must also know that the alcohol evaporates as gets heated up. Now, here are some methods of how red and white wines can be used in cooking.

Red Wine in Cooking

The red wine is mostly used with dark-colored food, like red meat, berries, plums, chocolate, peaches, and pears. Here are some small methods of them you can try at home.

Meat Loaf with Red Wine Glaze – This is a recipe made by Shea Gallante, who uses red wine to brush the meatloaf. As the chef says, red wine caramelizes while baking, giving the meat a special taste. This method also pairs up well with a real glass of red wine near the plate.

Chorizo Poached in Red Wine – This is a dish consisting of smoky sausages and garlic carefully cooked with red wine. You can also add pepper if preferred. The sausages absorb the aroma of wine, giving them a new taste that’s worth trying.

Short Ribs with Mushrooms and Spring Vegetables – Chef Rory Herrmann thought of marinating short beef ribs and vegetables in the red wine for a night. He then decided to use the complete marinade in the braise. As a result, a great recipe was prepared. Marinaded spring vegetables lighten the soup, so it makes you feel easy after eating.

These are tested ways, letting you add red wine to your regular ingredients. Still, you can feel free to use it for making pan sauces, poaching, baking, and deglazing.

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White Wine in Cooking

The white wine is also pretty popular in cooking. This beverage gifts a unique balance to the meal. You must also know that the oaky white wines bring a little bitter, while the sweet ones caramelize during heating up. Here are some methods you can use a bottle of white wine for cooking purposes.

Poached Salmon with Corn and White Wine-Butter Sauce – Salmon is a white, bright-colored fish, perfectly pairing up with the white wine by poaching in it. Seasoning may wash off, so make sure to add some salt and other spices needed. Wine brings in an extraordinary flavor, making salmon juicier and tastier.

Chicken with White Wine and Crème Fraîche – Poaching white chicken in the white wine infuses it with a fragrant. The taste becomes way better, while the visual look becomes more delicious, making the skin crispy and golden. Wine immediately becomes part of the dish and levels it up.

White Clam Pie – That’s right! The white wine is also used for pies. One of the best chefs in the world, Mario Batali, claims that white can very well be used in a Clam Pie. He ensures that the beverage opens up the cockles and facilitates the baking process of the dough.

These are 3 guaranteed methods that will turn your regular dish into a luxurious one, without adding anything expensive. That’s one of the magic tricks wines are capable of doing.

What tastes better red or white wine

Well, here is the thing. It’s essential to keep in mind that every human has a different taste, style, and mindset. That is why one’s opinion may differ from another’s. People usually pick regarding their location, national tradition, and side foods.

As you say the word “wine”, an image of red wine pops up in your head, right? The vast majority of people know the red wine and consider it as the original version of the historic beverage. However, white wine gets more popular each year, and some countries drink more of it than the red one.

when to drink red wine vs white wine

You already know the taste differences between those two drinks, so here, we will talk about which people pick red or white and why exactly.

The people of the United Kingdom like white wine over the red one. That’s mainly because most of the women there choose white. However, in The United States of America, people slightly prefer the red one. Some of the middle states prefer the white, but the coastal states along with a couple of other middle ones love red wine much more.

It’s important to note that countries having oceans or seas use lots of white wine even if in some of them the majority consumes the red one more. The reason is that white wine pairs well with seafood and tropical fruits. The Cayman Islands, France, Italy, and Portugal are perfect examples, so as I have mentioned, the tastes differ even from one country to another.

Basically, if you enjoy eating heavy meals, like barbeque, dark-colored fish or a hamburger, then you would probably like a glass full of red wine pairing your meal.

On the other hand, if you love eating light dishes, such as salads, chicken, cheese, seafood or appetizers, then white wine would make it all perfect for you.

Which one is sweeter?

We already know that compared to the white wine, the red wine has more tannin and is heavier. Both types of wine taste a little sour and bitter. However, the white wine is comparatively lighter and sweeter. A lot of them have fruit flavors and aromas, so it’s not a big surprise for it to be sweet lovers’ favorite type of wine. Some include lemon, honey or syrup ingredients in them.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every single white wine is sweeter than the red one. It also depends on the brand. Taylor’s Fine White Port, Sherry’s Moscatel Dessert Wine, Allegrini’s Passito Wine, and Salvadonica’s Vin Santo are examples of sweet white wines. There are also sweet red wines, like Maynard’s Port, Marchesi Antinori’s Vin Santo Rosso, Colheita’s Port, Banyuls and many other.

These are the most famous sweet wines you can look for. Both, red and white have a variety of options for the sweet lovers, so here you go.

When to drink?

Well, to start off, you can drink your favorite wine whenever you want to. No rules for that. However, there are some occasions where having a glass of wine would set everything perfectly. You have probably guessed what I am talking about, so let’s jump in.

Nice Occasions for Drinking Red Wine

As mentioned, there are no time rules for drinking wine. Here are the most common occasions people like drinking a glass of red wine.

Dating – The perfect date requires love, romance, and some wine. Wine symbolizes classiness, and that’s what couples love. It’s common for most of them to choose red wine on their special days.

A lot of times, during the second or third date, couples have a romantic dinner with a glass of red wine, communicating and knowing more about one another. Red wine is also proven to create an amazing atmosphere and improve one’s mood. The wine, indeed, opens up the souls.

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Dinner time – There are numerous benefits from a bottle of red wine on the dinner table. According to a variety of studies, red wine, except warming up the environment around you, also, has some important health benefits. It improves the human body’s sensitivity to insulin, lowering the risks of diabetes.

What is more, it reduces the blood sugar, boosts heart health, lowers cholesterol levels, and the risks of cancer. Experts highly recommend drinking red wine while also eating something with it. This means there can’t be a better time to go for a glass of red wine rather than in the evening while having a dinner with precious people around you.

Having Guests – The red wine has the ability to connect people. After your guests come in, offer them a glass of red wine with some appetizers, like Morbier or Feta cheese. It’ll also buy you some time if you have a big dinner table to cover. Wine works out everywhere.

Nice Occasions for having White Wine

White wine also has its moments to shine. Here are some occasions, where white wine would suit just perfect.

Business Meetings – White wine’s bright color makes the beverage almost transparent, referring honesty, which is essential in professional conversations. During business meetings, a lot of people discussing the project order this type of wine to symbolize their composure and trust.

Besides, it shows that the meeting is going quite well and there’s nothing to worry about. Every marketer automatically starts feeling relaxed while having fun and sharing white wine next to a person they just signed a contract with.

Summertime – You know white wine is very light to drink, and that sunny weather is perfectly suitable for it. Just imagine, a glass of cool, white wine and warm weather. Sounds amazing, right? It doesn’t really matter where you are at the given moment. Near the beach enjoying the view, or in the office trying to refresh your body.

You can even organize open-air parties on weekends and enjoy your wine, good music, and people surrounding you. There are so many things worth trying out. You just needed warm weather, and it’s already there. Now go on and plan some cool stuff for the summer!

Team events – Your company or team has reached a great achievement. Do you want to celebrate it, setting up a dessert table or something like that? If yes, then make sure to add some classic white wine to the menu. Let your team members congratulate each other by saying nice toasts and trying cool wine together, as a family. There is nothing better than fulfilling dreams, so make sure everyone enjoys the moment.

Here you go! Now you know why wines always differ from other beverages. The elegance, classiness and inner beauty. These are the attributes making wine exceptional in its kind.


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