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how to store opened wine

8 Tips on How to Store an Opened Wine

Every wine is different of its own. Each one of them has a unique taste, aroma, color and even weight. While some people like red or white, other might be more into rosé, fruit, and mead. It all depends on a person drinking the wine and personal preferences. As an […]

How to Stop Fermentation in Wine

How to Stop Fermentation in Wine

As a producer of wine, controlling the alcohol constituents to halt the creation of an intense wine, and the desire to put in additional sugar, usually for some mixture of fruit wine, can be hard. If you are an expert winemaker, these shouldn’t be new to you, but if you […]

How to use a wine opener

How to Properly Use Wine Openers

There is a large variety of wine openers on the market today. While none of which are necessarily better than the other, there are different reasons to use different openers. You may need to consider price, function and ease of use before choosing the opener that you are going to […]

Brut vs Extra Dry

Brut vs Extra Dry: What’s the Difference?

The Brut and Extra Dry are the most popular champagnes around the world. Some casual stores don’t even sell other types of champagne rather than these two. They both taste sour, while some may say that they are a little bitter. What is the difference between Brut and Extra Dry? […]

Seafood Wine Pairing Guide

Seafood & Fish Wine Pairing Guide

For most folks, the idea of Pairing seafood with wine seems daunting. The big question is, should it be a challenge? Let’s face it; there are so many comments on this subject. It’s relieving to know that most wine experts and sommeliers agree on the issue, and not that alone […]


Cabernet Sauvignon vs Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both considered to be big dogs in the wine world. Both originating in Bordeaux, France in the 1400’s; Cabernet seemed to gain early ground on the international market and is now the world’s most widely planted grape. Merlot is often forgotten about but is commonly […]

Does Champagne go Bad

Does Champagne go Bad & How Long Does it Last?

Regarded as light to the touch and sweet to the taste, champagne is known as celebrations’ favorite partner, it’s elegant and classical. From the pop to the bubbles to the toast, champagne is slimming and special, and importantly, it’s healthy! You must certainly know a thing or two of that […]

How does terroir affect wine?

Difference Between Red and White Wine

Wine connects our heart to the mind. A lot of people undoubtedly agree with this definition. You may taste wine because you have passion and love towards it. There can also be the case of wine being an everyday drink or just a hobby. Still, one common thing present in […]

chardonnay vs sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Vs Chardonnay (Difference, Taste)

Originally originating from eastern France, Chardonnay is a grape variety used in producing fine, dry, white wine. The crafting and creation of wines made from this grape in all its simplicity has made it a widely grown plant. The international wine market easily accepts new and developing wine regions growing […]